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Strong Willed Lone Wolf v.7 :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 4 5 Yuri Crest4 :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 1 0 Yuri Crest3 :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 1 0 Adrienne Lemarchand :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 2 3 Annoying Orange and Biting Pear :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 1 16
Yuri's Interactions with the Bloody Roar Cast
Alice: You think... your godfather and I are perfect for each other?
Yuri: Yes. What's holding you back from loving him?
Alice: He's a total bonehead sometimes. And he always puts himself into danger.
Yuri: Hey, at least he's the one in danger, not you.
Alice: How heartless of you!
Yuri: Um... thanks?
Alice: But yeah... I guess you're right. He always wants me to be safe.
Yuri: See? You'll get used to it... Aunt Godmother.
Alice: Isn't that moniker a bit too soon, dear nephew?
Yuri: I can't help it. Sorry, Aunt Alice.
Yuri: You! I'll never forgive you for messing my father's life!
Kato: I'll never forgive you for defying me either, child!
Kato: A child? I have no time for you...
Yuri: You will pay for everything you've done!
Kato: Judging from your tone, you must be the son of my best pupil. Since you would rather not be like how he was under my wing, then you are my enemy.
Yuri: Father~!
Kenji: Who are you?
Yuri: I'm your son, and I love you so much!
Kenji: *gak* You're...
:iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 1 0
Silent Star, Hebitsukai Silver a.k.a. Naga Rei :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 3 0 Beauty and the Beast 2017 :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 5 3 It's Morphin' Time 2017 :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 0 1 Chibi Ash!Serena WIP :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 5 0 Valentines' Day 2017 :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 3 6 Valentines' Day 2017 - Yuribecca :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 0 0 Valentines' Day 2017 - Adray :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 1 0
November 1. Yuri Ōgami's favorite spot in the local cemetery at the town of Andretti.
A few days after the fateful evening where Yuri's identity as a Zoanthrope, an actual werewolf at that, was nearly exposed, he came to the grave of his father, the late Kenji Ōgami, to ask for help. He was wearing a white collared shirt with long sleeves, his signature black leather gloves with metal knuckles, black slacks, and black leather shoes. He put a bouquet of flowers on the grave while kneeling down. "Hey, Father..." he thought. "Have you dealt with a person with a similar situation to Hector's? I really need your help." He grew gradually confused over why Hector Grayson of all people decided to maim over him at Only Hope Academy. He knew deep inside Hector is incapable of getting people killed due to his weak personality. At first he did not believe his brother Henry, but he eventually tried to adjust to the situation.
"Hector is not really that bad or sickl
:iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 1 0
The Blank, The Spirit, And The Zoanthrope
Yuri: I'm neither a Blank nor a human. I'm not what you'd call normal. I'm just an unfortunate victim that inherited great power from Kenji Ōgami and Uriko Ōgami. A Zoanthrope... a rather unstable one. Yet I kept trying to mask my goddamn insanity with this glove. Keeping my hand from getting in contact with blood, mainly my own...
Wol: That's enough. Why don't you go talk to a wall?
Yuri: No, Wol. I'm talking to YOU.
Wol: Done making puns yet?
Yuri: Nope. I blame a friend of my father's.
Wol: A friend of a friend of your father's?
Yuri: Yes...
Yuri: So... may I call you the Warrior of Light too?
Wol: No. Why would you?
Yuri: Because your name sounds like it?
Wol: Your name is even more ridiculous than mine. If not just as ridiculous.
Yuri: I know, dammit!
Yuri: Would it kill you to smile sometimes?
Wol: Yap while you can.
Wol: So you don't smile as often as you want to, huh?
Yuri: Better save my smiles to people I care for than never smile at all, like you.
:iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 1 0
Tyro the Record Keeper :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 6 2

Random Favourites

Persona 5 :icondhymz91:dhymz91 87 14 Yukari Takeba :iconstan-kun81:Stan-kun81 26 5 [SFM] Persona 5: Futaba Sakura - default outfit :iconkuroyasviel:Kuroyasviel 19 1 Naoto Shirogane - Pajamas :iconnaociel:Naociel 23 11 Futaba Sakura :iconadriabie:adriabie 30 5 Jun Kurosu :icontakenagamiyoshi:TakenagaMiyoshi 16 5 Shadow Rise - Summer Days :iconspufflez:Spufflez 33 3 Youmacon pic 484 :iconajpokeman:ajpokeman 8 0 J :iconyulyeong:Yulyeong 161 10 Fuuka Persona 3 :iconlenle92:LenLe92 10 1 Live from Aniba! :iconpenguinattackstudios:PenguinAttackStudios 30 3 Cover_collect moments not things :iconlivia25:Livia25 9 16 GamingDimension Neptunia *4* Flu Shot :icongaming123456:gaming123456 28 4 Take A Deep Breath :iconotsunao:OTsunaO 42 9 Evolution Rogue :iconjubiamajo:JubiaMaJo 105 23 Honoka :iconotsunao:OTsunaO 74 16


Trina Mae
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
My long list of favorite game franchises:

Hudson Soft - Bloody Roar, Bomberman
Square Enix - Final Fantasy (except FFXV. said game's fanbase annoys me), Kingdom Hearts
Arc System Works - BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena duology, Guilty Gear
Capcom - Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Ōkami, Sengoku BASARA, crossover games with Marvel and SNK
KOEI TECMO (and Gust) - Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Geten no Hana, Dead or Alive, Mana Khemia
Namco Bandai - Tekken, Tales series, Soul series
SNK - The King of Fighters (mainly The King of Fighters XIV), Metal Slug
Persona series (except P1)
Legend of Legaia (mainly the first game)
Psychic Force
Battle Arena Toshinden (mainly Toshinden Subaru a.k.a. Battle Arena Toshinden 4)
Mortal Kombat
Genji series

Games I've been playing: Bloody Roar 3, Bloody Roar 4, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Mobius Final Fantasy, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon Sun

Favorite Crossovers: Naoto Shirogane and Naoto Kurogane, Chie Satonaka and Akihiko Sanada, Kenji Ogami and Cloud Strife, Sora and Zidane Tribal

OC and Canon Interactions: Tsukiko Rencha and Noah fon Ronsenburg (and/or Nezha), Yuri Ogami and Wol

OTPs: Kenji X Uriko, Yugo X Alice, Xion X Nagi, Cloud X Tifa, Zack X Aerith, Vincent X Yuffie, Squall X Rinoa, Zidane X Garnet, Mustadio X Agrias, Machina X Rem, Sora X Kairi, Terra X Aqua, Katsuya X Maya, Vahn X Mei, Fei X Elly, Might X Patty (their actual relationship aside), Lars X Alisa, etc.

Art Status:

Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke Requests - On Hold by SweetDuke Trades - On Hold by SweetDuke
No Commissions by SweetDuke No Kiribans by SweetDuke
I guess the only advantage of lacking critique in my artworks would be the fact none of my art gets stolen... yet.

I may be listing these but getting them done might take too long because of my real life commitments (and/or playing games instead). I also removed a lot of stuff I'm sure I'll never be able to draw due to outgrowing interest in them.

Generation Extreme

My OCs
  • Adrienne Lemarchand
  • Hal Raymond Driscoll
  • Timothy Jim Hanson
  • Hector Grayson
  • Adult Aria Hawkins
  • Adult Robby Shillton
  • Young Robby Shillton
  • Yuri and Ciel (I need to draw more of these two together :o (Eek) )
  • Beast Forms
  • Adrienne, Yuri and Rebecca (okay, they're not supposed to be a love triangle but damn)
Square Enix
  • Cloud Strife
  • Cactuar
  • Wol
  • Echo
  • Meia
  • Machina and Rem
  • Vampire Machina
  • Queen
  • Aya Brea and Ace
  • [Mobius] Moogle
  • Selphie, Shelke, and Cater
  • Wol and Meia
  • Wol and Sarah Cornelia
  • Yosuke Hanamura
  • Chie Satonaka and Akihiko Sanada
  • Chie Satonaka
  • Marie without her hat
  • Naoto Shirogane
  • Teddie and Nanako Dojima
  • Nanako and Aigis
  • Makoto Niijima
  • Yusuke Kitagawa
  • Morgana
  • Makoto and Yusuke
  • Goro Akechi
  • Katsuya Suou
  • Makoto and Goro
  • Sae, Goro, and Makoto
Hudson Soft
  • Vice President Kenji Ōgami
  • Kenji and Mana v.2
  • Long in his Bloody Roar 3 design
  • Kenji in his Bloody Roar 3 appearance, with his beast form's whiskers (XD)
  • Penguin Cronos and White Bomberman
  • Xion with glasses
  • Fang the Wolf
  • Mashiro the Rabbit
  • Yūgo and Fang
  • Yūgo, Alice, and Nagi
  • Alice with purple pigtails
  • 14-year-old Kenji
  • Sailor Alice
  • Uriko as Prototype Uranus
  • Young Uriko and Kenji
  • Shun'ei
  • Kyo Kusanagi (in his KoF XIV design)
  • K'
  • Kula Diamond
  • Hein
  • Kyo, K', Ash, and Shun'ei (a.k.a. KoF Protagonists. Debating to self whether or not to include Rugal's son Adel, who I believe is a lot better protagonist than Ash.)
  • Iori Yagami (in his KoF XIV design)
  • Kyo, Iori, and Chizuru
  • Alba Meira
Others: You may find them in Drawing update since forever. but I will not be able to do them all.


Chibi Ash!Serena WIP
Annoying Orange and Biting Pear

Descriptions. Listing them drawings that lack descriptions or have incomplete descriptions.

Chibi Ash!Serena WIP
Annoying Orange and Biting Pear
Ciel Kirishima, age 18 v.2
Ciel Kirishima, age 18 v.1
Semi Chibi Maxie Plz
Successor of the Soul v.2
McDonald's Gang
Unexpected Revelation
Mysterious Masked Woman
Successor of the Soul v.1
Photography Sample
Angry Chie
Chocolateception from Nips
2-year-old Steffi
High-Relief Soap Sculpture
  • Reading: Various messages


Cable for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite please? Although X-Men characters are actually discouraged except for maybe Wolverine (who has made an appearance ever since Children of the Atom) since they hogged over the Marvel side in both Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. ^^;

Cable is incredibly calm in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 compared to the X-Force comics... all I remembered of him on the latter was him looking angry with a big mouth and with an angry Domino by his side.
A childhood memory of mine: I used to think Doctor Doom was Spider-Man's primary antagonist before I realized he turned to be actually the worst enemy of the Fantastic Four.

I blame the old Spider-Man cartoon and maybe the Marvel-Capcom games.
Haha. Getting to play Dolphin emulator on the PC is a fail. Guess I gotta reinstall it instead (unless my brother thinks of replacing the password he provided). Besides... PS3 controller apparently works on PS2 emulator now.

P.S. Talim in Soul Calibur II is cute. :meow: And Inferno freaks me out.
So... Yuri the Werewolf or Wol and Meia in swimwear?

Almost done with my pending drawings. Only Serena needs to be colored.
Misty returned in Advanced Battle.
May returned in Diamond and Pearl.
Dawn returned in Best Wishes.

Iris did not return in X and Y. (XYZ too)
Many (mainly fans of Amourshipping a.k.a. Serena X Ash) want Serena to return in Sun and Moon, but we'll see if the writers will comply to that request.


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