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Naga Rei WIP :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 1 0 Beauty and the Beast 2017 :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 4 3 It's Morphin' Time 2017 :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 0 1 Chibi Ash!Serena WIP :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 4 0 Valentines' Day 2017 :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 1 6 Valentines' Day 2017 - Yuribecca :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 0 0 Valentines' Day 2017 - Adray :iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 1 0
November 1. Yuri Ōgami's favorite spot in the local cemetery at the town of Andretti.
A few days after the fateful evening where Yuri's identity as a Zoanthrope, an actual werewolf at that, could be exposed, he came to the grave of his father, the late Kenji Ōgami, to ask for help. He was wearing a white collared shirt with long sleeves, his signature black leather gloves with metal knuckles, black slacks, and black leather shoes. He put a bouquet of flowers on the grave while kneeling down. "Hey, Father..." he thought. "Have you dealt with a person with a similar situation to Hector's? I really need your help." He grew gradually confused over why Hector Grayson of all people decided to maim over him at Only Hope Academy. He knew deep inside Hector is incapable of getting people killed due to his weak personality. At first he did not believe his brother Henry, but he eventually tried to adjust to the situation.
"Hector is not really that bad or sickly.
:iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 1 0
The Blank, The Spirit, And The Zoanthrope
Yuri: I'm neither a Blank nor a human. I'm not what you'd call normal. I'm just an unfortunate victim that inherited great power from Kenji Ōgami and Uriko Ōgami. A Zoanthrope... a rather unstable one. Yet I kept trying to mask my goddamn insanity with this glove. Keeping my hand from getting in contact with blood, mainly my own...
Wol: That's enough. Why don't you go talk to a wall?
Yuri: No, Wol. I'm talking to YOU.
Wol: Done making puns yet?
Yuri: Nope. I blame a friend of my father's.
Wol: A friend of a friend of your father's?
Yuri: Yes...
Yuri: So... may I call you the Warrior of Light too?
Wol: No. Why would you?
Yuri: Because your name sounds like it?
Wol: Your name is even more ridiculous than mine. If not just as ridiculous.
Yuri: I know, dammit!
Yuri: Would it kill you to smile sometimes?
Wol: Yap while you can.
Wol: So you don't smile as often as you want to, huh?
Yuri: Better save my smiles to people I care for than never smile at all, like you.
:iconproject-genex:Project-GenEx 1 0
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
My long list of favorite game franchises:

Hudson Soft - Bloody Roar, Bomberman
Square Enix - Final Fantasy (except FFXV. said game's fanbase annoys me), Kingdom Hearts
Arc System Works - BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena duology, Guilty Gear
Capcom - Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Ōkami, Sengoku BASARA, crossover games with Marvel
KOEI TECMO (and Gust) - Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Geten no Hana, Dead or Alive, Mana Khemia
Namco Bandai - Tekken, Tales series, Soul series
Persona series (except P1)
Mortal Kombat
Genji series

Too many I can't put them all in.

Art Status:

Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke Requests - On Hold by SweetDuke Trades - On Hold by SweetDuke
No Commissions by SweetDuke No Kiribans by SweetDuke

I'm pretty sure some of you might have noticed that my activity here has been limited (which mostly revolves around posting status updates more than anything else) since the second half of February. Why? First off, I was preoccupied with taking care of my thesis so I can finally graduate in college (it's a long story), to the point I sacrificed weeks of not drawing and instead play mobile games in my spare time or when my manuscript was still being checked. A few weeks ago, I'm already done with my manuscript defense, and what I've been doing lately? Checking out payments and editing my thesis yet again. Even the professors at my university are quite busy too.

That aside, I think I got my passion for Bloody Roar stuff all over again. I first thought my brother would mock me yet again about my love for the franchise (especially the fact my first video game crush was Kenji, which was part of my awesome elementary-hood), but he still tried playing it to test out if the PCSX2 emulator I downloaded on my laptop worked on his ideal computer. So for him, it's "emulators/PC > actual console games". Kingdom Hearts I and Kingdom Hearts II worked perfectly there too. Finally, Bloody Roar 3? Haha, no. I'm trying to download it and hope it will be fine.

Now for non-personal stuff.

I'm not really tagged by anybody. Although I can probably say I tag myself since I have plenty of OCs already.

Rules: Please provide a brief description of your story before starting. You can only answer the same character twice. You must provide an explanation as to why you picked who you picked for each question. The characters you use have to be original unless your story is a fanfiction; meaning, please answer for your own work and not somebody else's. Finally, tag someone you know! Make them participate in the fun! Or don't. It really doesn't matter.

Generation Extreme: School Days -Yuri Ōgami- - A few months after accidentally knocking down Rebecca Stalletsen by uncontrollably unleashing his Zoanthrope powers, Yuri Ōgami resolved to live as a normal human by resuming his studies. Unfortunately for him, despite making two new friends and a rather shaky relationship with his homeroom teacher, he has to deal with the bullies, people who may resent him for his sanity, and an apparently sickly boy who wants to be healed by the Harbinger...

1. Which character would you want to spend a night out with? (Note: this doesn't mean "which character would you date," this means "Which character would make the BEST date?")

2. There's a Valentine's Day party going on in your world! Where would be the coolest place for it to be?

3. Who shows up to the party drunk off their ass and dressed like Cupid?
Nobody. None of my characters are THAT crazy.

4. Which two characters would people be shocked to see together at the party?
Ciel and Shigure. Ciel is basically tsundere about it whether or not Xion gets to see them together. =P

5. Which two characters would people love to see together at the party?

6. There's a Valentine's day swing dance going on and, assuming it is either before or after the party, all of your characters go. Who would be the worst at dancing?

7. It appears one of your characters is not into the Valentine's Day spirit. He/she is repulsed by all the lovey-dovey actions of those around him/her, and goes on a rampage. Tables are flipped, drinks are spilled, MASS HYSTERIA! Who would this character be?
Sonomi. Why? She's jealous Kenji didn't choose her as his true love. She even attacked Yuri once just because he's Uriko's son.

8. Who is most likely to stay home and read romance novels (or watch movies, depending on the character and world)?
Robby. He isn't really interested with getting a girlfriend, but he sometimes teased his sister Annabelle about her love life when she was still alive.

9. Which character would hand out those cheesy box Valentines to all of his/her friends, despite being out of grade school?

10. Now pretend like all of the previous questions do not exist, and forget about the "only you one character twice" rule. Which of your characters ditched the Valentine's Day party and decided to kick back together at a singles' party?

I tag: anyone who has OCs and their story.

*will edit later*

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  • Reading: Various messages
  • Watching: Bloody Roar 3 opening


Oh yeah... after editing my signature, I just realized... in terms of the main games, FFXV is my least favorite (mainly because of its horrible fanbase). But on overall FF games, I rank it better than All The Bravest... which is literally unplayable after getting to play Record Keeper for months now. And even more hated than FFXIII trilogy lol

And man, FF Versus XIII? Noctis vs. Stella is a lot more interesting but Cindy wasn't there. Yet FFXV gave Prompto a better design and he along with Cindy are the only characters I care about. So even if I hate either or both (more on XV because fanbase is very annoying compared to Versus XIII), I can't deny I like a few things about them. Doesn't make them "Game of the Year" for me. That title belongs to Persona 5. #SorryNotSorry
I thought I won't hate Final Fantasy XV even more than I already do. Why? It f**king took over my favorite non-main FF game, Mobius Final Fantasy. I mean, I hate FFXV's fanbase because most of them hate FFXIII trilogy as well as Lightning... but hogging over Mobius... that's definitely the last straw for me. -_-

Mobius > FFXV

I'm SO NOT drawing any FFXV card from the FFXV campaign, but I can reluctantly take the stamps...

P.S. I don’t have an absolute favorite [main] FF game, although I can’t stand the mindless bashing over FFXIII and Lightning. If FFXV fantards didn’t shove that overrated game to my throat, I would like it too along with all the others.
I'm probably one of the very few people brave enough to make crossovers of Bloody Roar and Final Fantasy dspite their difference in popularity. Is my taste lame?

Kenji and Cloud FTW
I swear I want to delete messages here already. I would if internet is not a slowpoke.

Meh. I wanna draw more too, but I need to finish my manuscript for thesis first.
Wol's eye color is a pain.

Yellow green or yellow - How I see it in most cutscenes
Brown - Pictlogica
Blue - probably the lighting in FFVII event, as well as in some job card illustrations
Green - probably the lighting in FFVII event and some fan art

Oh boy. It's like some people giving Gabranth blue eyes all over again.


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Just read your blog and have to agree with you. Well, I don't particularly hate FF XV, it's just that I think it's wayyy too overrated. Wish they would have paid more attention to the story and not the fandom. Meh, overall I enjoyed it so it's okay I guess.

Can't wait to play Persona 5 though.
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